Fair Trade/Products

Green Hummingbird Fair Trade Clothing provides unique clothing for women of all ages.  Clothing styles range from basic to ethnic, from casual to formal, from modern to classic.  Many products will have a brief description of the purpose and/or people who make them on the tags.

The majority of our products are certified as Fair Trade.  However, some products are not “officially” labeled Fair Trade; in those cases, we make sure we can trace the product back to the source and the that the artisans are being supported and treated and paid well.  For instance, Alpaca Connection does not bear the label of Fair Trade, but the store (based in the Mall of America in Minneapolis), consists of a small team of people who work directly with producers in Peru and Guatemala.

Green Hummingbird Fair Trade Clothing also supports several local artisans who have created unique pieces of clothing.

Our Suppliers:  Global Girlfriend, Sevya, Faeries Dance, Novica, Avatar, Gypsy Rose, The Art Studio Company, Baskets of Cambodia, Maggie's, Yala, The Alpaca Connction, The Inter-American Trading Company

Our Local Artisans:  Eleanor Held, Kelly Steller

Check out our tags to see where each item was made and learn a little bit about the artisans story!